Facebook Ads Management
Delegate marketing to experts!
Unique methodology & honest working conditions. Let us take care of your business while you focus on customers!
What is included in our work?
For a complete list of tasks that you can delegate to us, please text to us
Design of creative
We create a unique design of creatives for your project, make video editing, and subtitles for videos.
Install Facebook Pixel
We create a detailed funnel and customize Facebook Pixel for each event, which allows the algorithm to train 80% faster
Set up advertising campaigns
We analyze competitors, identify the best type of advertising and set up advertising campaigns according to the analysis
Control and optimize campaigns
We check advertising campaigns on a daily basis and optimize them if necessary, so that you always have stable orders
A dedicated manager
Your project will be assigned a targeting specialist and a team leader who are always ready to answer all your questions
Predictable scaling
This will allow you to focus on the processes, and we will take care of the order, which is what our customers appreciate the most
What have we delivered for our clients?
We have more than 100+ cases, if you can’t find a similar area to yours, write to us, most likely we haven’t had time to publish it on the site yet.
Cost of services
7 days our support
Testing our team
We conduct tests, create messages and creatives, and get the first results
С$126 / per 7 day
What’s included:
3 ad campaign
Personal manager
Maintenance: 7 days
without prepayment
30 days our support
We delegate work with marketing, set goals for project development, optimize and grow
C$540 / per 1 month
What’s included:
Personal manager
Unlimited campaigns
Maintenance: 30 days
without prepayment
For big project
Available for projects with an advertising budget of more than C$5300 per month
15% from the advertising
What’s included:
Daily optimization
Delivery stabilization
without prepayment
Let’s get to know each other
Each specialist has Facebook Blueprint certificates
Denis Megel
Team Leader
Facebook Ads Specialist
Vlada Perepylitsa
Facebook Ads
Volodymyr Shumsky
Google Ads
150+ successful projects
We are in touch every day. We work officially.
Google certified
Facebook Business
Certified TikTok
We have been working for our clients for 8 years
Thousands of dollars spent on advertising in 2021
15 month
The average project cycle
Everything needs to be discussed in detail before starting work. If you are not yet ready to cooperate, but need advice on how to promote your project, we will help you for free.
Dmitriy Balan
I will be happy to discuss your project and options for increasing sales for your business!
They have already entrusted us with their projects