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A Marketing Agency That increase sales for business from Google Ads
Team from 3 different countries with over 8 years experience.
Maximize your ad spend, attract new customers, surpass sales goals and get more from your Google Ads.
Based in Calgary, AB.
Dear Business Owner
Certified Google Ads Partner
Navigating the business landscape can be overwhelming, leaving you stressed and uncertain about your marketing strategies. Google Ads may seem like a daunting puzzle, with money spent akin to a hopeful toss into the clouds.

In the digital world, self-proclaimed ‘experts’ suggest various tactics, but the reality is more complex. Amidst trends like new websites and flashy logos, you may feel lost, wasting time and resources.

Time is precious, and running a business shouldn’t feel like enduring paper cuts. If you sense a disconnect and desire more leads, sales, and time for what matters, it’s time for a change.

At Focus Your Ads, we’re not just Google Ads experts; we master them to work for you. No more guessing games – just strategic, focused advertising that delivers results.

Take the Leap.

Contact us to move away from frustration and chart a course toward clarity and success. Let’s truly Focus Your Ads.
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Cost of services
The discount for the test period is valid until Feb 1, 2024
Management fee
We fix the price for the whole period of partnership
С$270 /
What’s included:
Dedicated manager
Setting up campaigns
Analytics setup
The offer is valid until Feb 1, 2024
Management fee
We fix the price for the whole period of partnership
C$540 /
What’s included:
Personal manager
Unlimited campaigns
Maintenance: 30 days
The offer is valid until Feb 1, 2024
required minimal budget
Available for projects with an advertising budget of more than C$5300 per month
15% from the advertising
What’s included:
Daily optimization
Delivery stabilization
no prepayment
They have already entrusted us with their projects